Emerging High Net Worth Clients

Whether you are looking to optimize your net return, increase your liquidity, protect your capital or maintain your lifestyle in retirement, investment planning helps ensure your financial goals are met.

These days, wealth accumulation and asset growth can be complicated. Naturally, we all want high investment returns with low financial risk but interest rates are near a thirty year low and getting a reasonable rate of growth probably means you have to add some investments that fluctuate with the markets. Sitting in only  “safe” GICs or Government  bonds will probably not provided you with the asset growth you require to reach your financial goals.

Understanding the benefits and risks of a portfolio is critical. Portfolios with higher long term returns usually have higher short term volatility. We help you to understand what rate of return you need to achieve your long term goals – and we help you to determine which one has the volatility with which you are comfortable.

We first work with you to determine your timeline, volatility and liquidity needs. From there we educate you on tax efficiency awareness opportunities and solutions for creative ways to invest.